Love our clothes? Want to work with us?!
Awesome! 😎 We are looking for a 3-6 brand ambassadors to represent ShopRbls!   Here’s the deets to become part of the Rbl Squad ! 

🖤  Summery Of Requirements: 
  • At least 17 years old minimum or 18 in the states or countries where it is  required.  
  • Own social media accounts NO EXCEPTIONS: Suggested counts : IG 12000+ , TikTok 9000+ , Youtube 3000+ Subscribers/ Followers. You don't need to have all platforms , but at least two with a high follower count is recommended! 
  • Fashionable feed which reflects your personal sense of style 
  • Currently open to the US and territories, Canada, Mexico and the EU! (Please check back for when other countries are available.) 
🖤  How to submit your details: 
  1. Fill out the ambassador form!  Here  
  2. Wait for email confirming you’ve been selected and to create a promotional account to track your promo code. 
  3. Select your pieces!  
🖤  Promotion tiers: 
  • 1st promotion value = $45
  • 2st promotion value = $60 
Clothing will be chosen up to the promo value and will be sent to you for FREE (Matching sets counts as 1 piece. Discount codes do not apply) . The next free promotion bundle will be sent within 3 days , once an order is placed with your coupon code by another person.
🖤  Promotion requirements: 
  • Minimum of 3 posts tagging ShopRbls ( IG story/post, TikTok , YouTube Video whichever is your platform) within 7 days of delivery. 
  • Submit link to your posts for credit and tracking. 
  • There’s no creative requirements AKA go crazy! , but we strongly prefer girly/feminine aesthetics.  


🖤  Promotion Perks! 

  • Free clothing on your first two promotions to promote yourself and ShopRbls! 
  • Personal coupon code to share to your followers and to earn $$$! 
  • Earn 5% minimum on each purchase total placed with your coupon code! So the more you promote the more you earn! 
  • 20% off minimum on your own purchases! 

* For complete details on Terms and Compensation details please visit the Brand Ambassador Legal Terms & Conditions page . 


Once you start promoting , your posts will be tracked to see if it’s successfully bringing people in (sales AND followers).  Since we’re new , we are looking for long terms ambassadors which will be discussed after 2 successful promotions. We reserve the right to not continue working with you if there are no results from your first promotion or at any time thereafter based solely on tracked promotion results. You are also free to not continue working with us if you choose to. 
Let me know if you have any questions/comments and suggestions!  Thank you for wanting to work with us! 

🖤  Rbl Babe